859compute Review (Also known as VPSAlien,Hostd8)

I started a couple of website in the same niche. I wanted to place them on different IPs. Lots of people say that IPs doesn’t matter but I think it does!

I found a host called TinyShared, they are now known as 859compute. This was $10/year hosting! I know I was taking a big chance when signing up for this host so I placed “not so important” sites on there.

My sites have been down several times every week. If they’re not down then they’re loading incredible slow.
All of a sudden one of my sites just disappears! The database is still left but the domain + php-files is not there anymore.
I start to mail 859compute but I dont get a reply.

The lesson to be learned is that if you find hosting that is incredible cheap, dont use it! I see now that 859compute have raised their prices to $50/year.
I wouldn’t touch 859compute with a stick, they can raise the price all they want but their hosting will still suck!

I think I will be better of just getting a pair of new IPs to my dedicated box.

859Compute is also known as VPSAlien and hostd8.com.

If you’re looking for good reliable hosting, read this post.

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