This website did become my own blog about my Internet-biz. I bought the domain for a completely different purpose but I never used it so I thought I could use it for a kind of personal blog instead.

I pretty much write whatever I feel belongs here but I try to keep it somewhat related to making money online or at least related to computers in one way or another.
As you probably have noticed my English is far from perfect but it doesn’t stop me from making money online… or “blogging”. 😉

I’ve been working as a full-time webmaster since 2002 and I’ve work with any niche as long as it’s legal and I’m OK with the niche (no shady scams and such) and there’s money to be made.

My road have been full with bumps and hard times. When I started out I couldn’t nearly afford food but I kept trying and one day I found a method that made me more money in 2-3 days than I did make in a month.

The lesson learned is that if you just want something and keep trying you’ll eventually get it. I have a pretty good monthly income these days but I’m still far from reaching my “goal” with is nowhere in sight. Do people even have a goal? I bet most goals is updated all the time.

Take care!

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