Use uniq. Passwords for all sites – Just 1 MasterPass to remember!

All these password on sites, it’s starting to become a real mess. At least for me, I do use Lastpass but I don’t really trust them to 100%.

You should NEVER, EVER use the same passwords on several sites, not ever 2 sites.
But there’s a really great Bookmarklet (Basically a normal bookmark with Jvascript) that can help you to create a unique password that you don’t have to remember for every new domain, just enter your master password and it will fill out the form for you.
This goes for both when you register a account and when you want to login to that site. You can use a different password for each website if you cant to too, but keep in mind that you must remember your master password(s).


The first basic version is here: Try thing one out first!

Here is a version with a bit of extra features:

And here is another version of the first script but you dont have to enter any masterpassword because it’s already in the Bookmarklets code:

Do not let other people have access to your computer and dont trust super important sites with any of these methods unless you’ll find them safe enough:

Masterpass in Bookmarklet code

Delete duplicates in Notepad++ without plugin! (64 and 32 bit!)

Notepad++ is a great application and it’s free too. It got tones of features but I wonder why they didn’t include a feature so you can remove duplicate lines without installing extra plugins like TextFX.

But TextFX doesn’t work on NotePad++ 64-bit, but there is a way to delete duplicate lines/rows without TextFX or any other plugin. And it works with both 32 and 64 bit.

1: In Notepad++, click on “Search” and then on “Replace…”

This search and replace tool window will show up.

2: Click on the tab named “Replace”.

In the “Find what”-field, put this in:

The “Replace with” field should be empty!

3: Select “Regular Expression” and also “.matches newline” as you can see in the picture.

Click on “Replace All” and the duplicates in Notepad++ have been removed without TextFX! Credits and thanks to for this trick!

Blacklist of email providers & domains for your website/service

This is a pretty big list of domains that are used for temporary mailboxes, domain suffix that are often used by spammers and also free email hosting that many people use to make spam accounts so they can post their crap and give you some hours of extra work to clean everything up.

There’s 3500 domains in this Email Blacklist. You might want to search through it so any domains and such is in the list because if you’re unlucky they could be.

I pasted the full list on Pastebin, so you can grab the blacklist here!

That’s it for today. See you later!

Do not use 000WebHost free web hosting, here’s why.

000WebHost seems to be pretty big when it comes to providing people with free web hosting, but what’s the catch? Is there any catch?
If it’s too good to be true… you know the rest.

Here’s what’s wrong with it. As you can read on their website before signing up it says: “Zero cost website hosting with PHP, MySQL, Cpanel & no ads!”.
There’s a small lie with this statement.
Because sometimes, it will show another page instead of the website you’ve built and uploaded to 000WebHost. The page says something along the lines with “Website is temporary sleeping.”.

And you wont be able to access your site at all. According to 000WebHost they do this to all free websites for 1 hour a day.
This is a extremely huge disadvantage if you want to rank high in the search engines. Google doesn’t seem to like this of course, neither do your visitors and you’ll hate it most of them all.

000WebHost & Free hosting
My advice to you is to stay away from them…

Oh, about the “small lie” I wrote about earlier. Today I saw a ad on the “sleeping-page”. So much for “no ads” as they claim.

The thing is, it does not cost much to host a website these days, it’s extremely cheap! You can get away with less than $20/year. I’ve even seen some hosts charge as little as $0.50/month. But I dont know about the speed and quality. Read reviews and look around before you order hosting.

Here is a example a cheap host called HostGator that many people have been using for years.
(This is a affiliate partnership link. However! I don’t lie to my visitors. There’s thousands of hosting companies and I choose to link to HostGator because it’s a host I have heard lots of good things about for a really long time, they’ve been around for years and wont just go away any time soon.)

If you are a bit “nerdy”, hook your website up with CloudFlare to increase loading speeds and reduce the bandwidth.

So please, there’s so many cheap web hosts out there. Some are better than other of course but whatever you do, do not host with someone that offer “free webhosting”. It will bite you in the ass in the end.

Driver Booster from IOBit is not safe! It’s malware!

Stay away from Driver Booster from IOBit, I wouldn’t download and install anything from them after what I’ve been through the last couple of days.

Driver Booster did find a lot of drivers that wasn’t up to date. Now I understand that it just want to install their own version of drivers to take control over your operative system, there was no new version of the drivers, just their modified malware versions.

You cant uninstall Driver Booster ever because it will completely make your Windows installation unusable because it doesn’t restore the old files it replaces when you do.

After my uninstallation I did try to replace drivers, and also all Windows system files I found that it had replaced with their own malware versions.
I also manually searched the Windows registry and removed all entries I could find about Driver Booster (which didn’t get deleted when I uninstalled it by the way.) Nothing worked… I had to format and reinstall Windows.

It did also leave EXE files in several folder… What the hell is going on IOBits?

Do not ever trust IOBit and don’t install Driver Booster or any other software from them. I’m serious it’s malware!