Clickbank – My Stats And Thoughts

Here’s the Disclaimer warning again in a ugly text color I have to use since politicians think we are to stupid to think for ourselves and force me to show this for you all.
This article contain affiliate partnership links but you probably already knew that. However, this is really my Clickbank stats, I swear to god and other gods too if that’s needed. When I posted this I was pushing lots of traffic to them. Over the years I have started working in other webmaster niches/fields or whatever you call it. But believe me, there’s still money to be made with ClickBank. Big money.

OK, enough bullsh*t. The article starts here!

I’ve heard a lot about Clickbank, both good and bad stuff but mostly bad. I decided to try it out for myself. I’m currently sending traffic to more than 100 Clickbank-products. This is a good way to find really good niches and I’m happy to say that I’ve found one products that converts really well and several other products that convert OK. But of couse most products doesn’t convert at all.

Here is my stats:

(I haven’t had a $200/day yet, but I had one $199.97, lol)

As you can see, some days are bad and some days are OK, but I’m happy with the extra money I bring in with Clickbank. I recently picked up another server just to push more Clickbank-products so next month I’m promoting 200+ products. My goal is to make at least $200 dollars or more per day with Clickbank alone.

The lesson to be learned is this: Promote a lot of products at the same time, don’t promote 10 products, promote as many as you possibly can, even if you cant send a lot of traffic!

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Optimize Everything And Clear Your Mind

Yesterday I worked with a really great programmer. He was amazing when it came to programming and he seemed to be a really smart guy overall.

He told me something that made me think a bit. This advice is a pretty smart one. (This is the copy and paste from the chat we had…)

“the trick is your mind
you have to be in an atmosphere you feel well
you feel well and you’re undisturbed
in my case I rented an office near the down town and I don’t feel well with it
because it’s very loud
sounds of care, people shouting,….
when I didn’t work very hard, it did not disturb me
but since I’m working hard I found out that that is one point that must be changed
so what I did I canceled the rent 3 moth ago
this month is the last month and next month in 2nd of may I’m in my new office
very quiet and 7,5 km away from the downtown

there is one question you need to ask yourself
what do I need to change to make more profit
and the other question is
what will it cost me to change it. Will the investment return directly if the situation is change,…

learn to optimize
I’ve one important discovery I made a few month ago
a few month ago I tried to put my monthly costs as low as possible
so what I did:
I rented a small house in a bad place
price was very cheap but surrounded by bad people
what happened.
I did feel bad and the income come done
I asked myself why it came down
and I found it out
your mind knows if you feel well or not. You cannot lie yourself
and in programming the most important thing is that you have clear mind and not to many unuseful thoughts
so in fact for me it was better to pay more in rent then stay in a cheap rent
because the damage it caused was higher then taking an expensive one in a good city”

I think this applies to all kind of jobs. It doesn’t matter if you’re a programmer or if you’re working with something else. If you cant focus, you wont make as much money as you could if you had a clear mind.

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How To Save Money And Find Cheap Freelancers

This is a very good money saving tip. I often use to find cheap programmers, designers, article writers and other kind of people that I need. Scriptlance is a really good site but here is my tip: Always use more than one of these sites to find your workers!

I only used Scriptlance for years not caring about other sites. But, the fact is that if you post your project on a couple of these kind of sites you will get more bids. And some bids are often very low. Yesterday I saved $80 on a project.

Most of the bids where around $100 for finishing my project but at one site I got a bid of $20. I choose that bid as the winning bid and it took the programmer from India about 5 hours to finish the project.

This is a really easy way to save money.

Freelancer Sites: