Certified Hosting sucks! Don’t use them! (Certifiedhosting.com)

What a bloody mess! I just cant believe it! These idiots called Certified Hosting destroyed many of their customers sites, including all of mine!
And guess what, their backups did not work! They couldn’t restore anything! I lost about ~30-40 sites or something.
I did manage to get the database but all files (HTML, PHP, Images…) they’re all gone!

Certified Hosting can suck it big time! How can they mess this up so badly? Just read some Certified Hosting reviews here or just search Google. You’ll find lots of unhappy customers.

Probably what Certified Hostings servers looks like:

So here I am, trying to install script and build up the sites again. It takes forever and I’m losing money because I cant do my regular work meanwhile.

But I also made a huge stupid mistake. I didn’t keep local backups! At least not fresh ones, and I’m paying for it now.
But all in all, this is totally Certified Hosting fault.

Important Lesson
Keep local backups. Just do it! Even if you only make backups 2 times/year it’s still much better than to lose all your hard work.
Buy some cheap external HD. Download the backups to it and unplug it and put it away in some closet. And when it times for backups again just plug it in.
You can easily generate full backups of all your domains in both cPanel and Direct Admin, probably other control panels too with the push of a button.

Make sure you never use Certified Hosting ever, they’re the worst hosting company in the business.

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