Delete duplicates in Notepad++ without plugin! (64 and 32 bit!)

Notepad++ is a great application and it’s free too. It got tones of features but I wonder why they didn’t include a feature so you can remove duplicate lines without installing extra plugins like TextFX.

But TextFX doesn’t work on NotePad++ 64-bit, but there is a way to delete duplicate lines/rows without TextFX or any other plugin. And it works with both 32 and 64 bit.

1: In Notepad++, click on “Search” and then on “Replace…”

This search and replace tool window will show up.

2: Click on the tab named “Replace”.

In the “Find what”-field, put this in:

The “Replace with” field should be empty!

3: Select “Regular Expression” and also “.matches newline” as you can see in the picture.

Click on “Replace All” and the duplicates in Notepad++ have been removed without TextFX! Credits and thanks to for this trick!

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