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I’m forced to inform you all because fat guys in EU politics have decided that we, the people, cant think for ourselves.
This is a affiliate partnership link in this article. However, I don’t lie to my visitors. There’s thousands of hosting companies and I choose to link to HostGator because it’s a host I have heard lots of good things about for a really long time, they’ve been around for years and wont just go away any time soon.
They actually force me to write this in a stupid ass color like this blue shit.

Anyway, fuck the politicians.

This is the article and this really is my opinion:

I highly recommend that you do not choose a free webhost if you want to make money online.

First of all, most free webhosts does not allow you to show your own ads on the website you’re building.
If they find out that you have ads on your site they might delete it and you lose all your hard work.

The second reason is that most free webhosts will show their own ads on your website! They will profit from your websites visitors and you will get nothing!

It’s much better if you have full control over your website, that’s why I never recommend anyone to start up with a free webhost.
You can pay as little as $3 a month for a webhost, this is a really good investment since you will get the money back in no time once you get your traffic (website visitors) and start to make sales.

You should start out small, don’t pay ~$100 month for hosting before you know how most things in the Internet money making biz works! If your website grows extremely fast and you need more space and bandwidth, most (all) webhost will help you out!

Hostgator got extremely cheap but good webhosting plans, check them out!

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