Hire Cheap Workers To Do Small Tasks

Do not spend your time doing small time-consuming tasks that you easily could let other people do for you. Isn’t your time worth more?
People from India are most of the times great workers, I hire them all the time. They work cheap but the money they earn is a good salary for them in India so you don’t have to feel bad. 😉

Lets say you want to have more backlinks to your blog or some other website so it could rank a bit higher in the almighty Google. Start a new project at Microworkers. If you dont know exactly how you should write your project, just take a look at some of the other projects already listed and you’ll get the idea.

After you’ve started your project and it have been reviewed, workers will start to submit their “proof of work” as in this case is a URL where they posted your backlink.
Do not forget to tell them in the project what proof of work you want!

Scriptlance is a great place for bigger projects. It can be graphics, programming, writing, pretty much anything!

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