How To Avoid Bad Freelance Programmers

Remember my old post about how to find freelance programmers? I just wanted to add something. Something really important. I know how to program in really good and also a bit of PHP. And when hiring a freelance programmer to make a application and you discover that you could have made the application better and faster yourself, it’s a very frustrating thing.

How do we know if the programmer is good before assigning a project to them? First, there’s the rating at the freelance-sites. Always look at the rating and read the comments from people that already hired them.
Second, In most cases you can send messeges to the programmers before you hire them. Ask them how long they’ve programmed for and what kind of project they have completed.

You might think you’ll save money when you hire someone with a bid $20 lower than anyone else but when the programmer can’t finish the project and the application isn’t working like it should, was it really worth it?

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