How To Save Money And Find Cheap Freelancers

This is a very good money saving tip. I often use to find cheap programmers, designers, article writers and other kind of people that I need. Scriptlance is a really good site but here is my tip: Always use more than one of these sites to find your workers!

I only used Scriptlance for years not caring about other sites. But, the fact is that if you post your project on a couple of these kind of sites you will get more bids. And some bids are often very low. Yesterday I saved $80 on a project.

Most of the bids where around $100 for finishing my project but at one site I got a bid of $20. I choose that bid as the winning bid and it took the programmer from India about 5 hours to finish the project.

This is a really easy way to save money.

Freelancer Sites:

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