Install midi drivers for Casio keyboards (PX-***) and other models on Windows 7 64 bit (maybe Win 8 too)

So I was searching for midi drivers for a Casio PX-410R but Casios website sucks and I don’t think they even release drivers for their “old” products? It sucks! How can they just scrap their old models like that? These things costs thousand of dollars. (It might be a good idea to not buy products from them in the future).
However, there is a workaround that worked for my Casio keyboard and Windows 7 64-bit and it may very well work for you too!

You can apparently install a driver for a keyboard from Roald (PS-50) and it will make your Casio keyboard work in Windows. You have to tweak some settings a bit but it’s not hard at all, check this video out for instructions.

Driver download:

Line to look for in the file:
%RDID0053DeviceDesc%=RDID0053Install, USB\VID_0582&PID_008B ; PC-50

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