Lend money to poor people that want to work!

I never give money to beggars sitting outside of stores and such, why? Because they offer me nothing and most of them are fine, they can work if they want to! It’s another thing if you miss arms and legs… There’s always something you can do to earn your money. Knit a shirt, make a bracelet… Anything except just sitting there waiting for money.

Kiva.org is a website that works like this, you deposit money and then you browse the site and select one person that you would like to lend your money to. They often show a picture of themselves and also tell you what they need the loan for. It can be anything from seeds to books to resell.


Like I said, this is a loan and it will get repaid! And when it have been repaid you just pick another person you want to lend the same money to. So you can help lots of people over and over with the same money and this can really change their life!

I did lend money to a women in Cambodia and it did really make a difference:
“After the loan, her income has been increased from $25 to $35 per day and her saving has also been increased from $70 to $80 per week.”

So if you wan to donate/lend money to people that actually trying to get a better life and support themselfs, visit Kiva and make someone happy!.

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