My review of Live Messenger 2011

So I installed Live Messenger 2011 for some unknown reason. Let me tell you, it sucks! You can no longer have any nickname you want.

Problem #1:
Your nickname will now be “Firstname Lastname”. If you’re trying to change your name a website will load and you have 2 textboxes, one with your firstname and one with your lastname. I tried to delete my lastname but I was required to have some text in that textbox. This made me a bit angry since I want to display the nickname I choose and not my full name.

Problem #2:
Eyecandy. I dont like eyecandy. I want my applications to load fast and just get the job done! I dont care for cool flashes and animated flowers and other bullshit.
It does now take 2 seconds extra when opening MSN everytime I want to send a messege and it really annoys me. 2 seconds doesn’t sound like much but when you have to wait 2 seconds over and over you start to get annoyed.

Problem #3:
It really looks like Microsoft tries to make some sort of community with MSN and that’s the worst problem about Live Messenger 2011.

My solution to the problem is to install another messenger client that can replace this bullshit. Like:

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