My review of Plesk Control Panel – 2012

So I just got a server with Plesk as “controlpanel”. The first thing I notice is that I dont really know where I should go to do thing since everything is named in a weird way.
If you’ve tried cPanel, you know directly where you should go to do stuff. This is NOT the case with Plesk.
I dont know who made this piece of crap or what they where thinking but I got to tell you, it really is crap. It’s like a maze. You look for a place where you think you’ll be able to change a setting but it will be in a place you would never have guessed.

Here is a picture of the main Plesk-programmer and his product Plesk.

The structure of this crappy “controlpanel” is so extremely bad. My hostingprovider gave me this controlpanel for free but I just asked them to install cPanel. I dont mind paying $20 extra per month for cPanel as long as I dont have to use Plesk.


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