Linkconnector And Their Wire-Payments

Edit: John from Linkconnector contacted me and it looks like I got the wrong info. You only need to make $1000/month to get the wire. Thanks John for the help!

Old post:
I must say that Linkconnector is a great affiliate network, no doubt about that. But one thing that I dont like is that they no longer send affiliates money using wire-transfer unless they make over 10k every week! That’s right, I asked them about this and they did answer with “It has become too expensive for us to wire commissions to affiliates who don’t earn at least $10K a week. We are happy to re-instate wire transfers when your account reaches that level.”.
I wonder how many affiliates that make over $10k every week. Cant be that many…

I hate to cash checks since we don’t use them much in my country. Cashing 3 checks do take about 40 minutes at my local bank. But since I want to continue to use Linkconnector I guess I don’t have much of a choice.

You can check out Linkconnector here, they got many good datafeeds!

Clickbank – My Stats And Thoughts

Here’s the Disclaimer warning again in a ugly text color I have to use since politicians think we are to stupid to think for ourselves and force me to show this for you all.
This article contain affiliate partnership links but you probably already knew that. However, this is really my Clickbank stats, I swear to god and other gods too if that’s needed. When I posted this I was pushing lots of traffic to them. Over the years I have started working in other webmaster niches/fields or whatever you call it. But believe me, there’s still money to be made with ClickBank. Big money.

OK, enough bullsh*t. The article starts here!

I’ve heard a lot about Clickbank, both good and bad stuff but mostly bad. I decided to try it out for myself. I’m currently sending traffic to more than 100 Clickbank-products. This is a good way to find really good niches and I’m happy to say that I’ve found one products that converts really well and several other products that convert OK. But of couse most products doesn’t convert at all.

Here is my stats:

(I haven’t had a $200/day yet, but I had one $199.97, lol)

As you can see, some days are bad and some days are OK, but I’m happy with the extra money I bring in with Clickbank. I recently picked up another server just to push more Clickbank-products so next month I’m promoting 200+ products. My goal is to make at least $200 dollars or more per day with Clickbank alone.

The lesson to be learned is this: Promote a lot of products at the same time, don’t promote 10 products, promote as many as you possibly can, even if you cant send a lot of traffic!

Click here to start to promote products using Clickbank!

Tips When You Look For New Hosting

When you’re looking for new servers, always try to get a better deal than it says on the webhosts-website. For example, most hosts will throw in more bandwidth, IPs, RAM or bigger harddrives for free. There’s so much competition in the webhosting industry so most webhost bend over backwards just to get new clients.

This doesn’t just go for dedicated server, the same apply to virtual webhosting as well.

I’m currently looking for a new server. My online-biz is growing steadily and this will be my third server. I work a lot with SEO (Search engine optimization. I’m trying to get good rankings in Google, Yahoo…) So one of the questions I email to the webhosts is if I can get more IPs with the server. (It’s good to spread out your sites on multiple IP-addresses, it will help your sites to rank better if you interlink them all. But this isn’t anything you have to worry that much about if you’re just starting out!)

Anyway, the reason I write this post is to tell you about this little idea. When sending out these email to “Webhost A” I also tell them that I for example get 10 more IPs at some other host for the same price as “Webhost A”. Then “Webhost A” will most likely include more IPs for free.

Datafeeds In The Wrong Format…

This post is about merchants that doesn’t provide a properly formated datafeed.

Don’t they care about this own business? They don’t seem to care about losing sales… As a affiliate working with many affiliate-networks and a lot of datafeeds, if I find a datafeed that is not in a proper format, I just delete that datafeed and forget about that merchant. I would lose too much time trying to repair it. It’s the merchants job to make sure they provide the affiliate-network with a proper datafeed. Every affiliate should not have to repair the datafeed.

Why should it have to be repaired 1000 times by affiliates instead of 1 time by the merchants? The affiliate-network should have some responsibility also, they’re the ones making the datafeed available to affiliates. How hard can it be to make a tool for checking the datafeed before they publish it on their network?

Ok, back to work…