Driver Booster from IOBit is not safe! It’s malware!

Stay away from Driver Booster from IOBit, I wouldn’t download and install anything from them after what I’ve been through the last couple of days.

Driver Booster did find a lot of drivers that wasn’t up to date. Now I understand that it just want to install their own version of drivers to take control over your operative system, there was no new version of the drivers, just their modified malware versions.

You cant uninstall Driver Booster ever because it will completely make your Windows installation unusable because it doesn’t restore the old files it replaces when you do.

After my uninstallation I did try to replace drivers, and also all Windows system files I found that it had replaced with their own malware versions.
I also manually searched the Windows registry and removed all entries I could find about Driver Booster (which didn’t get deleted when I uninstalled it by the way.) Nothing worked… I had to format and reinstall Windows.

It did also leave EXE files in several folder… What the hell is going on IOBits?

Do not ever trust IOBit and don’t install Driver Booster or any other software from them. I’m serious it’s malware!

How to add extra line breaks with Notepad2

If you’re still using the original Notepad.exe that comes with Windows. Just stop it. Download Notepad2 (it’s free + small file size) and replace the Notepad.exe with it.

It’s just as fast if not faster. It got more features and good stuff without being bloatware.

Anyway, this particular trick/time-saving task can you probably do with original Notepad also, but I’m not sure of that.

Here’s how you add extra line breaks with Notepad2

Ok, look at the picture above. A line break is (unless your text document is in some weird format) using \n for line breaks.

So what you need to do is to click on “Edit” and then “Replace…” in Notepad2.

In the “Search String:”-field, type:

In the “Replace with:”-field, type:

Select the checkbox called “Transform backlashes”.

Click on “Replace All”.


Fresh list of Open Torrent Announce Trackers (UDP & HTTP) – 2017

Update: A pretty fresh torrent tracker list for 2018 can be found here.

Original post:

I’ve got plans to write a script that updates and regularly with fresh torrent trackers that’s still alive so you guys can come here to get a daily updated list but until then I have to do it manually.

So many torrent announce trackers go down and new ones comes up so no list is perfect but these ~96 ones should be working now (24 Nov 2017).

Anyway, here’s a fresh list of torrent trackers for November 2017.
It’s 96 WORKING ones in this:

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Notepad2 Dark Theme, Schemes, Style or whatever you call it

I’ve been using Notepad2 instead of the default Notepad.exe that comes with Windows for several years now. It’ just as fast as regular Notepad.exe but handles bigger files better.

I’m not going to list all extra features it got in this post since you just can clicking the Notepad2 link above and read about them.

Here’s a dark theme for Notepad2 which you can save as “sometheme.ini” and then in Notepad2 you just have to click on “View” and then “Customize Schemes…” and select the ini-file you just created. Simple, huh?

It looks like this:

Here is the “code” you need:
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Fix a bricked/bootloop Redmi 3 (also Pro and Prime)! [SOLVED]

I was pretty upset when I accidentally bricked my Redmi 3 Pro after just using and uninstalling a app called “Substratum theme engine”. It sucks, do not ever download it! Worst piece of crap app I have ever tried.

Anyway, I found a way to fix my Redmi 3 Pro, this should also work for the regular Redmi 3 and also Redmi 3 Prime.

By following this guide, you’re responsible to whatever happens to your phone and cant hold me responsible.
I’m just trying to help and this is how I repaired my bricked Redmi 3 Pro.

I couldn’t boot into recovery mode and the phone was stuck in a boot loop. I could only boot into Fastboot but there’s also another mode you can enter called EDL. But lets start with the guide.

Bricked Redmi 3 (pro/prime)

OK, Lets try to fix your bricked Redmi 3/Pro/Prime!

0: I forgot this step, that’s why it’s called “0”. 😀

It’s might be a good idea if you unplug as many USB devices as possible like external harddrives, printers and so on to make sure there’s a minimum chance of conflicts. Also, do NOT connect your phone to the computer yet!

1: Download drivers and Android tools

You need some drivers and tools to make your communicate with your phone. A guy called Snoop05 have developed a really small package with the things you need and it’s really simple to install everything in 15 seconds. Even if you have done this before, I recommend that you download and install the latest version because earlier versions didn’t work to unbrick the Redmi 3 for me.

Go to this thread and download the 15 seconds ADB Installer.

Follow the installation-guide in the first post in that thread, it’s really simple. There’s no need to uninstall the older drivers if you have any.

2: Download Flash tool and install it.

Now you need to download MIUI ROM Flashing Tool (Size: 46 MB), you can find the download link in this thread. If you already got it installed, make sure you got the last version, older versions wont always work.

3: Download the ROM
Download ROM
The Redmi 3, Redmi 3 Pro and Redmi 3 Prime are using the same ROM. When I flashed I had success with flashing the Chinese Developer ROM (Dont worry, you can choose English when you setup the phone) and later flash to another ROM if you need to.

So go back to this websiteand search for “Redmi 3/Prime Latest China Developer Version Fastboot File Download“. When you click on it the filename should start with “ido_xhdpi”. Download it, it might take a while since it’s pretty big (1.5 GB).

Extract ROM with 7-ZIP
Now you need to extract the ROM tgz file you downloaded. You can extract it using 7-ZIP for example which is also a free tool.

When you have extracted the tgz file you might end up with a tar file, you need to extract that one also until you see a folder with some files in it and also a folder called “images”.

4: Time to connect your phone.
usb data cable

This step is a bit messy, sometimes the computer find the phone, sometimes it doesn’t.

Try to enter the phones fastboot mode by starting by pressing VOLUME MINUS (-) and the POWER BUTTON and hold them. Hopefully you’ll see the Android dude and the text “fastboot”.

Android fastboot

(If you aren’t able to enter fastboot you will need to try the other mode called EDL. Try to enter this mode by pressing Volume Up (+) and Volume Down (-) and then the powerbutton, hold them down for a while. The phone will vibrate ~2-3 times and the screen will be completely black!)

Now, connect the phone to the computer with a USB cable that can transfer data! (remember that many USB cables is only for charging!).

When connecting the phone you might get a notification about installing unsigned drivers, and you need to do it! Let Windows work for a couple of minutes until it’s done. (If you cant install the unsigned drivers you need to follow this guide).

(If the drivers doesn’t seem to work you might need to install “Qualcomm HS-USB QDLoader 9008“.)

Start the flash tool – “XiaoMiFlash.exe”. Hopefully it will find your phone. It will say something with “COM” and then some numbers and stuff.
It might take a while to find it, keep pressing refresh, it might take some minutes.

When it have found it, press “select” and browse to the folder you extracted in Step 3.

At the bottom of the flash tool I recommend that you select “Clean All”. (You will lose all your data on the phone)

Flash the new Redmi 3 ROM to repair your phone

Now, press “Flash” and pray to god that it works!

If it doesn’t try another USB cable and another USB port, try to restart your computer. You might also want to try it on another computer and also look up so your computer identify the phone as “Qualcomm HS-USB QDLoader 9008”.

Let me know in the comments if you cannot get something working and I’ll try to help you solve it!

Remember, the first time you boot up your phone after flashing the firmware it may take a really long time for it to boot! It took 15-20 minutes for me!

I wish you good luck!