Redmi 1s heating and battery drain issue [SOLVED]

I’ve been having problems with the Redmi 1s heating issue and also the battery drain issue. I didn’t find any solution that worked for me online but I think I did manage to find my own. My phone runs much better and it doesn’t get too hot anymore and the battery lasts much longer too.

Redmi 1s getting too hot

So what did I do?

#1: This is the biggest change. Reset your Theme to the standard theme along with ringtones and everything else that’s in the standard theme. This did dramatically make my phone much faster and is isn’t as laggy anymore even when browsing and using other apps. Apps also doesn’t seem to crash anymore which could cause my phone to get really hot.

2: Uninstall apps you dont use, even if you have lots of space left and then install CCleaner for Android and run it to delete everything it finds.

3: Greenify is an excellent app that will hibernate apps when you’re not using your phone (you have the screen turned off). Choose which apps you want to Greenify wisely, you might still want some apps running in the backgroung like Messeging-apps, Snapchat, Facebook and so on.

4: No-frills CPU Control is a great way to get your phone to use less battery. Set the min-cpu to ~300 mhz and the max to ~1500 mhz. If there’s a checkbox for making the app start when you boot the phone, make sure it’s checked.

5: Let the battery drain down to 0% so the phone will turn itself off. Connect then to a loader and let it load up to 100% but dont turn on the phone when it’s loading. This is made to “reset” the battery so Android can handle it better.

6: Turn off your phones animations to speed it up. You can read about how to do it right here.

All these stuff help me a lot. But keep in mind. A battery wont last forever. Sometime you do need to get a new one but try all the steps in this small article first before you buy anything.

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