What To Think Of When Hiring A Writer?

I’m currently working on producing a ebook that I will be using with Clickbank. This will be my first own product and I’m a bit excited about it.
I’ve always promoted other peoples products but I thought it was time to make a product of my own.

I’ve already made some mistakes that I’m aware of, one of the biggest mistakes is that I did hire a writer that doesn’t have English as native language. (Yeah, I dont write the ebook myself, I try to work smart, not hard). 😉

The problem with this is that you will need to hire a English speaker to correct the spelling and grammar of the ebook once the writer is complete.
Why not add a extra $30 to your budget and choose a native English speaker from the beginning?

One of my other mistakes what that I didn’t really research the niche pretty well before I jumped on it. I tend to start working with things even when I haven’t thought them through but I will still finish the product and we how it will sell, maybe it will work great anyway.