Linkconnector And Their Wire-Payments

Edit: John from Linkconnector contacted me and it looks like I got the wrong info. You only need to make $1000/month to get the wire. Thanks John for the help!

Old post:
I must say that Linkconnector is a great affiliate network, no doubt about that. But one thing that I dont like is that they no longer send affiliates money using wire-transfer unless they make over 10k every week! That’s right, I asked them about this and they did answer with “It has become too expensive for us to wire commissions to affiliates who don’t earn at least $10K a week. We are happy to re-instate wire transfers when your account reaches that level.”.
I wonder how many affiliates that make over $10k every week. Cant be that many…

I hate to cash checks since we don’t use them much in my country. Cashing 3 checks do take about 40 minutes at my local bank. But since I want to continue to use Linkconnector I guess I don’t have much of a choice.

You can check out Linkconnector here, they got many good datafeeds!

Datafeeds In The Wrong Format…

This post is about merchants that doesn’t provide a properly formated datafeed.

Don’t they care about this own business? They don’t seem to care about losing sales… As a affiliate working with many affiliate-networks and a lot of datafeeds, if I find a datafeed that is not in a proper format, I just delete that datafeed and forget about that merchant. I would lose too much time trying to repair it. It’s the merchants job to make sure they provide the affiliate-network with a proper datafeed. Every affiliate should not have to repair the datafeed.

Why should it have to be repaired 1000 times by affiliates instead of 1 time by the merchants? The affiliate-network should have some responsibility also, they’re the ones making the datafeed available to affiliates. How hard can it be to make a tool for checking the datafeed before they publish it on their network?

Ok, back to work…