Driver Booster from IOBit is not safe! It’s malware!

Stay away from Driver Booster from IOBit, I wouldn’t download and install anything from them after what I’ve been through the last couple of days.

Driver Booster did find a lot of drivers that wasn’t up to date. Now I understand that it just want to install their own version of drivers to take control over your operative system, there was no new version of the drivers, just their modified malware versions.

You cant uninstall Driver Booster ever because it will completely make your Windows installation unusable because it doesn’t restore the old files it replaces when you do.

After my uninstallation I did try to replace drivers, and also all Windows system files I found that it had replaced with their own malware versions.
I also manually searched the Windows registry and removed all entries I could find about Driver Booster (which didn’t get deleted when I uninstalled it by the way.) Nothing worked… I had to format and reinstall Windows.

It did also leave EXE files in several folder… What the hell is going on IOBits?

Do not ever trust IOBit and don’t install Driver Booster or any other software from them. I’m serious it’s malware!