Always Ask For SourceCode From Freelance-Programmers

Tips #3 when hiring Freelance programmers:
Always make sure that you write that you want the sourcecode and the full rights to do anything you want with it.

You might need it sooner than you think. Sometimes there are a small change on a website and your application may not work and you might have to pay the same programmer to fix the error. Or in the worst case senario you will have to find some other programmer to rewrite the whole application because you cant get hold of the original programmer.

Lesson to be learned: Always tell the programmer that you want the full sourcecode and the right to do anything you like with it. Make sure he agrees before you assign him the project.

How To Save Money And Find Cheap Freelancers

This is a very good money saving tip. I often use to find cheap programmers, designers, article writers and other kind of people that I need. Scriptlance is a really good site but here is my tip: Always use more than one of these sites to find your workers!

I only used Scriptlance for years not caring about other sites. But, the fact is that if you post your project on a couple of these kind of sites you will get more bids. And some bids are often very low. Yesterday I saved $80 on a project.

Most of the bids where around $100 for finishing my project but at one site I got a bid of $20. I choose that bid as the winning bid and it took the programmer from India about 5 hours to finish the project.

This is a really easy way to save money.

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