No Motivation? Get It!

Got no motivation? I know the feeling. I get it too often. Sometimes I get the loss of motivation to work for days and I do nothing! Nothing at all. I just surf around on forums and check my stats. No real work.
When I get this I got a method that nearly always work, it’s very simple. Get your MP3-player, put on some shoes and take a walk in the sun. And when you walk, try to think of your work in a good way. For example: How the site you’re building will look like once it complete and you get some traffic there and how active it will be and of course how much money it will make you.
It’s a really simple method that works most of the time. It’s the best method I’ve found so far.

(This is a picture….. Yes, it’s true. Is it related to this blogpost? No….. Just looks like a nice place. LoL)

Another method I use is to listen on audiobooks on some subjects related to my job as a webmaster. Like SEO, Adsense, Clickbank… There’s audiobooks about pretty much everything.

The third method is: If you really cant work, dont do it. Do something else, something you think is fun and enjoy. In a couple of hours you may have the motivation to work.

The fourth method is: Sleep.