What Links Is The Best For SEO?

Links to your website is extremely important when it comes to rank high in the search engines. I’m sure most webmaster are aware of that. But what links are the most important to get linking to your website? All links are not created equal.
If a site got 100 links and your link is placed on the very bottom it wont be much value to you for example. But there’s more to think of than just this. Here is a article that I haven’t read! (I just read this quick rundown below since I’m lazy… 😉 )

Here’s a quick rundown:
#1 – Links Higher Up in HTML Code Cast More Powerful Votes (really interesting, didn’t know about this one!)

#2 – External Links are More Influential than Internal Links

#3 – Links from Unique Domains Matters More than Links from Previously Linking Sites (get your links from as many unique domains as possible)

#4 – Links from Sites Closer to a Trusted Seed Set Pass More Value

#5 – Links from “Inside” Unique Content Pass More Value than Those from Footers/Sidebar/Navigation (in-text links are the way to go!)

#6 – Keywords in HTML Text Pass More Value than those in Alt Attributes of Linked Images

#7 – Links from More Important, Popular, Trusted Sites Pass More Value (even from less important pages)

#8 – Links Contained Within NoScript Tags Pass Lower (and Possibly No) Value

#9 – A Burst of New Links May Enable a Document to Overcome “Stronger” Competition Temporarily (or in Perpetuity)

#10 – Pages that Link to WebSpam May Devalue the Other Links they Host (be careful who you link to… this is why I basically stopped doing link exchanges because I don’t know what the target domain might become in the future)