Tips When You Look For New Hosting

When you’re looking for new servers, always try to get a better deal than it says on the webhosts-website. For example, most hosts will throw in more bandwidth, IPs, RAM or bigger harddrives for free. There’s so much competition in the webhosting industry so most webhost bend over backwards just to get new clients.

This doesn’t just go for dedicated server, the same apply to virtual webhosting as well.

I’m currently looking for a new server. My online-biz is growing steadily and this will be my third server. I work a lot with SEO (Search engine optimization. I’m trying to get good rankings in Google, Yahoo…) So one of the questions I email to the webhosts is if I can get more IPs with the server. (It’s good to spread out your sites on multiple IP-addresses, it will help your sites to rank better if you interlink them all. But this isn’t anything you have to worry that much about if you’re just starting out!)

Anyway, the reason I write this post is to tell you about this little idea. When sending out these email to “Webhost A” I also tell them that I for example get 10 more IPs at some other host for the same price as “Webhost A”. Then “Webhost A” will most likely include more IPs for free.