The Google Penguin Update

Many people got hit by the Google Penguin Update a couple of days ago. I find it very scary on how much power Google have over Internet marketers income. They really can make you go from $500 into $0 in one second.

I run plenty of websites. Some got hit by Google and cant even be found in the Google index and some is still number #1 and have won great positions for other keywords. All my website is what I would call “high quality sites”. I must say that I dont really understand this update by Google, the top SERPs under attractive keywords is filled with junk, sometimes even blank pages.
It seems like Google is trying to destroy affiliates which is sad for me since I’ve been making a living on affiliate-income for the past 10 years.

This have made me thinking quite a lot. I think I’m going to start a business soon that is not affiliate-related but instead some kind of store or something similar. I have a few ideas I want to try, I really need to adapt soon or else I’ll be unemployed and the only money I’ll receive will be social welfare thanks to Google.

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