Use uniq. Passwords for all sites – Just 1 MasterPass to remember!

All these password on sites, it’s starting to become a real mess. At least for me, I do use Lastpass but I don’t really trust them to 100%.

You should NEVER, EVER use the same passwords on several sites, not ever 2 sites.
But there’s a really great Bookmarklet (Basically a normal bookmark with Jvascript) that can help you to create a unique password that you don’t have to remember for every new domain, just enter your master password and it will fill out the form for you.
This goes for both when you register a account and when you want to login to that site. You can use a different password for each website if you cant to too, but keep in mind that you must remember your master password(s).


The first basic version is here: Try thing one out first!

Here is a version with a bit of extra features:

And here is another version of the first script but you dont have to enter any masterpassword because it’s already in the Bookmarklets code:

Do not let other people have access to your computer and dont trust super important sites with any of these methods unless you’ll find them safe enough:

Masterpass in Bookmarklet code

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