Warning! A scammer selling crappy laptop-parts!

A Chinese scammer is selling laptop-parts and is acting like all his webshops is located within UK which is wrong. He’s located in China and it will take weeks if not months for you to receive your low quality fake item.

Some of his websites and email:

Be careful, he does probably run more websites!

One thought on “Warning! A scammer selling crappy laptop-parts!”

  1. ADMIN NOTE: Since this info is unverified and I cant know what’s true, I replaced some in it with “*”.

    The comment posted:
    I think they also go by the name http://www.usadaptersd*rect.com in the US.
    Another address used is Hilly Dave

    The address is in a residential home:
    Email: usad*ptersdire*t@gmail.com
    Phone: 15986*05*5

    9*01 7*st ave east
    p*lmetto, Fl*rida 342*1
    United States

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