Warning: HallOfGaming.com (Piggybingo, Mamutbingo) – Scamming their affiliates

Just a heads up to people promoting or thinking about promoting HallOfGaming.com. They have not paid their affiliates for a very long time, it seems like they have very serious financial problems. They have made promises to pay me the commission they owe me which is a pretty large amount of money but everytime I try to get in contact with them there’s a lack of response.

If you currently promote any of the products (Piggybingo, Mamutbingo) the scammers at HallOfGaming.com offers then I suggest you move into other affiliate-programs because a lot of affiliates are not getting paid and I’m pretty sure they will screw you over too.

I’ve been in contact with other affiliates and they have the same problem as me, they don’t get paid and they don’t get any answers from HallOfGaming at all.

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